SDTOOLS HSS Cobalt Metal Twist Drill Bit


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Product: HSS Drill Bit – Drilling Stainless Steel & Hard Steel Metal Wood Aluminium Plastic
Material: M35 with 5% Cobalt
Size: 1.0mm-20.0mm
Point angle: 135 Degree split point
Application: Stainless steel, General steel, Aluminum, Alloy steel, Cast iron, Wood, Plastic.
Cutting accurate, tidy and smooth holes, no broken edges and no tremor phenomenon.


1mm x 34mm, 2mm x 49mm, 2.5mm x 57mm, 3mm x 63mm, 3.5mm x 70mm, 4mm x 75mm, 4.2mm x 75mm, 4.5mm x 80mm, 5mm x 86mm, 5.5mm x 93mm, 6mm x 93mm, 6.5mm x 101mm, 7mm x 109mm, 7.5mm x 109mm, 8mm x 117mm, 9mm x 125mm, 10mm x 133mm, 11mm x 142mm, 12mm x 151mm, 13mm x 151mm, 14mm x 151mm, 15mm x 151mm, 16mm x 151mm, 17mm x 151mm, 18mm x 151mm, 19mm x 151mm, 20mm x 151mm


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